Winter Lip Saviours | Blogmas Day 19

Are anyone else’s lips dry as the proverbial bone at this time of year? Inside the house or out, any change in temperature seems to be causing a sandstorm of dryness around my lips, which as well as feeling awful, really isn’t a festive party season look.

And year after year, I go through lip balm after lip balm and treatment after treatment to try and find some form of protection against the elements – whether that’s the dry central heating in our ancient house or the cold biting winds of the roads outside.

So this year, to both help you, and to remind myself in future winters to come, I thought I’d make a handy list of the lip balms, butters and even glosses I recommend for soft, kissable lips when the nights go cold!

Flutter Lip Balm – £2.99


Although I gave their brand a bit of a slating in my advent calendar review, I can’t fault that the Flutter lip balm has a tiny place in my heart this Christmas. Scented sweetly of strawberry, this balm is surprisingly moisturising and has a really lovely soothing effect on your lips, coating them and calming them in one swift slick.


With a gentle oil that sits on your lips and adds a natural looking shine to your pout, it’s a cheap and cheerful balm that is definitely hand to have in a crisis.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter – £7.99

With Revlon making two appearances in this list, it’s clear to see they’re a brand designed for comfort as well as colour. Which makes them my new best friend.


The Colourburst Lip Butter is, honestly, no different from any other lipstick I’ve tried. It glides on, stays on and then wipes off in a colourful streak at the end of the day. But it’s something more. In a solution blended with the softest shea butter, this lip butter has softening qualities built into its beautiful colour and plush textures.


In the sugary nude shade of ‘Creme Brûlée 095’, Revlon have brought back the glamorous glossy lip with a new twist on moisturising lip care at the same time.

Maybelline Coloursensational – ‘725 Tantalizing Taupe’ – £8.99

A standard lipstick, yet with a secret superpower. This is a lipstick that is actually good for your lips. Having tried both matte and shiny lipsticks with the power to destroy the condition of your lips, I know how important it is to find one that actually soothes them instead.


In a beautifully warming nude shade, this was my lipstick of the autumn season but it’s definitely made a re-return this winter. Its sheer ability to make my lips feel lovely whilst wearing it has been my saviour many a morning, and it matches my skin tone perfectly…an additional yet incredibly welcome bonus.

Who says Christmas is only for shades of the berry?

Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm – £7.99

The words ‘matte’ and ‘balm’ are a combination I never thought would work. Every matte lipstick I’ve ever test run has always ended up sinking its pigment laden teeth into the cracks and splits of my lips, making me look more Halloween ghoul than Hollywood glamour. But this one is different.


A peppermint infused, rose tinted balm with plumping, soothing and creamy textures in a crayon consistency with a gentle matte finish…sound good to you?


Whilst it definitely took me a while to get used to the peppermint highlights of the Revlon Balm, it’s now become one of my favourite products to apply. As well as discreetly hiding any trace of morning breath, it applies easily with a creamy consistency that glides across your lips before settling happily into a matte rosy pink shade. Baby pink might not be everyones colour this Christmas, but super soft lips definitely should be.

Ciaté – Olivia Palermo – £17.00

Because it just wouldn’t be a beauty post with a gushing Ciate mention from me!


A luxurious little lipstick in a shiny gold bullet casing, this is one of my favourite moisturising lip colours, in a beautiful chocolate nude that looks beautiful with every skin tone. DSCF4268.jpg

In terms of its lip saving qualities, it might not be a balm but it definitely has the softness of one! It applies smoothly, survives every drink, taste and kiss test imaginable, and even once it’s worn away, it leaves you lips feel soft and moisturised for hours after use!

We all need a little help puckering up this winter, but why spend a fortune trying to find it?

I hope this little list has inspired you to pick up a couple of luxurious lip care solutions this Christmas – consider it a me-to-me present! Have a fantastic evening!


2 thoughts on “Winter Lip Saviours | Blogmas Day 19

  1. Try rubbing your lips with Vaseline just before you go to bed, and again in the morning, I find my lips are no longer dry like they used to be, then your lips will look good with or without lipstick. 💋💄


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