Frosted Tips Nail Design | Blogmas Day 17

Although the snow is yet to fall in England this winter, there’s a definite chill in the air as we get closer and closer to Christmas. Scarves are wrapped tighter, hats pulled snug and only the cosiest jumpers are appropriate at this time of year.

But Christmas is also a time for glamour! With festive parties and office dos filling up our calendars, we’ve all got at least one special occasion to start prepping for – and perhaps that very special person to impress whilst we’re there… So I thought I’d show you one of my favourite quick and easy DIY nail art looks for these frosty winter nights, designed to make your nails look ultra sophisticated whether you’re wrapping up a present, or wrapping your fingers around a prosecco glass. glass.jpg

This frosted tip design works on three layers of nail varnish, and the only tool I used to create this pattern was an old hair pin split open wide. If you don’t have access to professional nail art tools, for a look as simple yet effective as this, almost anything can be used to create beautiful designs – you just have to get creative. DSCF4120.jpg

  1. Apply a full layer of dark blue, black or grey paint to your nails. You might have also noticed that my hands are looking a little bit more masculine in these shots, but as my Christmas party was the night previously, I recruited a helpful male model to help me snap the process!  You need to make sure this layer fully coats your nails, so if your chosen polish is a little thin, try applying more than one coat to make a darker base.nails333.jpgI chose to use my all time favourite L’oreal 672 Gris Decadent, as it’s always given me such good coverage, and makes my nails look beautiful whenever I try it out! DSCF4029 (1).jpg
  2. Using a small dabber, or in my case, hair pin, take a silver polish and blot a few drops of paint in one corner of your nails. Spread in a tapering line across the tip of your nail and then using the other end of your hair pin, carefully begin to drag the paint down in thin streaks towards your nail bed. My polish choose for this coat had to be my previously blogged about Plies Please Me paint from the Ciate Broken Ballerina Collection. My review of that polish can be found hereDSCF4042.jpg
  3. The streaks should get shorter towards the thinner end of your nail bed. Repeat this pattern on each nail, making sure the larger section is on the same side of each nail. dscf4061
  4. Once the silver polish is completely dry, you need to repeat this pattern with a thick white paint, but making sure to take your tip line a little higher so the silver can still be seen underneath. This creates a layering effect, making your design look 3D and mysterious. A rather old favourite polish being used for this coat, in the Maybelline Super Stay ‘White Sails’. dscf4076
  5. As before, you need to drag the white paint down in streaks, trying to make your marks shorter and slimmer than the silver lines. DSCF4078.jpgDSCF4090 (1).jpg
  6. Dry completely to avoid smudging, and cover in a clear top coat. DSCF4117 (1).jpg

There’s something so neat and precise about this two tonal pattern that makes it look a lot more complicated than it actually is to create. Anyone can pull off this nail look – as most people are likely to have steadier hands than I do – and it really does fit to this frosty winter season. You can even attempt the reverse, and have your streaks being drawn from your nail bed upwards for a more cobwebby effect! DSCF4123.jpgA massive thank you to my boyfriend for letting me disrupt his Skyrim session to paint his nails (although the colour really did suit him), and a happy blogmas day 17 to all of you!

I hope you’re having a fantastic week, and are getting excited for Christmas already!


7 thoughts on “Frosted Tips Nail Design | Blogmas Day 17

    1. Hahaha thanks! And nooo, unfortunately not! Although I would love to be as graceful and talented as a ballerina, my last ballet class ended when I was six! My ‘Broken Ballerina’ blog post might have given you a clue though – it was a nail collection I reviewed for Ciate! xx

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      1. Oh no don’t worry about it!! I still remember the time I mistook a blogging tag nomination for a blogging award and told everyone I knew I’d been nominated… Now THAT was embarrassing! 😳 Have a lovely evening gorgeous xx

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