Lookbooking In A Winter Wonderland | Blogmas Day 16

Following our recent adventure in the lovely lanes of Bakewell, we came back with so many beautiful photographs of our trip we had no idea what to do with them. We’ve got snaps of strangers we’ll never meet again, of houses we’ll never live in and shops we never got to visit. Our SD cards are full, and our memories will always be so happy of our first holiday away, we’ll be keeping them forever.

But one of the projects I really really wanted to shoot whilst in the beautiful Bakewell was a lookbook. There are so many amazing sights and spots in that tiny little village, I couldn’t resist wanting to be a part of it. So with my new winter coat all wrapped up, my fluffiest bobble hat at the ready and some untamed frizzy hair, I stepped out into the world and dragged my unwilling Instagram boyfriend with me!

PC120140.jpgMy dual tan bobble hat was actually a rather lovely early Christmas present from Mr W, thrown across the room at me one morning as I panicked about my unwashed hair. It looked a state and I was refusing to leave the house looking so awful, so in a braven attempt to get me to leave, he snuck away and brought back my saviour. And I’ve not stopped wearing it since. lookbook5.jpgThe coat I’m seen snuggled up in in these photos was a rather bargain purchase from Select, rolling in at £40, with it’s gorgeous soft camel fleece and sheep wool collar making the cost absolutely worth it. I’ve essentially worn this jacket every day since purchase day and I am loving it. It’s so cosy and fits me so well, as well as creating a really flattering line across my hips and shoulders that suits me to a T! It may me look (and feel) like a posh little rich girl, but it’s my kind of coat either way. PC120149.jpgFor my seasonal scarves, I tend to swap between a dark cotton indigo scarf, my ‘smart’ pink, yellow and blue faded tartan, and the one I’m decked out in in these photographs; a thick green, purple and blue tartan shawl. This scarf was another Christmas present, this time from my mum last year and I hope to whip it out every winter as it’s just so warm and snuggly. PC120155.jpgMy boots, a rather unexciting purchase from Primark, both function as solid brown pleather walking boots for all the treks we took in the Bakewell sludge, and when turned down into a fur collar brogue, a smart wintery shoe for all fancy occasions. PC120245.jpgAnd although it’s scarcely seen in these frosty photographs, my jumper is simply a solid grey two-tone design in a really soft wool blend that makes for some really toasty cuddles. My jumper collection has expanded terrifyingly this year as I can’t seem to stop searching for that perfect ugly sweater to wear on Christmas Day. PC120036.jpgLookbooks are a blog post I always love to shoot, but finding the time and availability of my personal photographer (Mr W) is a rare occasion. So give me a weekend away, two fully loaded cameras and a cute winter outfit, and I’ll be raring to go.

PC120169 (1).jpgThank you so much for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this Blogmas and I shall see you tomorrow!


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