Revolution London Pro Base | Blogmas Day 13

So it’s Day Thirteen of Blogmas! Unlucky for some, but lucky for you as I’m about to introduce you to my fabulously glamorous new favourite primer!


With the biting winds of winter cutting our skin and roughing our skin up something dreadful, everyone needs a little bit of help putting on their bravest faces this holiday season. And when it comes to primers, I’ve probably got far too much experience in testing them out to be healthy!


But the Revolution London Pro Base Blur Illuminating Foundation Primer (ok, they could definitely do with a shorter brand name), in its beautifully spangled and speckled black packaging is a genuinely worthy serum base coat for your foundation, with a super soft after-skin inflection and some truly impressive staying power.

My skin isn’t at its best right now, with its dry patches and sudden unanticipated *but totally festive-feast induced* spot outbreaks, so any extra layers of protection against the elements is going to be welcome in my make up bag this month. And as an added bonus? The Pro Base serum is specifically designed with illuminating properties, to work as a highlighter and illuminator as well as a base primer – meaning it actually contains microscopic flecks of silver glitter. These tiny flecks embed themselves into the base of your make up – perfect for sparkling at that upcoming glam Christmas Party we’re all already prepping for!


And to make it just that little bit better? It’s lightly and sweetly perfumed to give your skin an extra boost for enticing that particular pair of lips, should they come a kissing!

Its glossy texture makes for a really appealing application process, and it glides across your skin – working its glitter ball magic into all the folds and contours of your face. It would make for a fantastic stocking filler, and is making its way into one of my favourite festive products this month!


To shine like a diamond and soften your foundation into satin, I will definitely be recommending the Revolution Pro Base to my friends in future. And now, I recommend it to you!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you’ve had a lovely start to the week!



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