24 Days of the Flutter Advent Calendar | Blogmas Day 8

This Christmas is apparently a season of unexpected changes. For one, I’m in a job. For another, I’m in a relationship. And for now, I’m doing Blogmas.

And from last Christmas to this Christmas, I think I must have changed too – for the better, I hope. I’m now a girl who compromises with her living arrangements. Who can build up link citations and perform SEO analysis profiles at work. Who is comfortable sharing so much of her festive holidays on the internet, and who truly cares about the content she puts out.

Which is why, today, I thought I’d talk about another change. A small one, I’ll admit, but an adorable one nonetheless. This year *drum roll please* I’ve got a beauty advent calendar. PC030001.jpgSince the birth of the beauty advent calendar, five blogger years ago, the world of blogging, vlogging and Instagramming has steadily gotten more and more excited about the release of these 25 boxed beauties. I mean, who needs chocolate when you’ve got the latest L’occitane facial tucked away behind door number 17?? PC030020.jpgSo I thought I’d join the masses this year – and start with something cute. And if the Flutter Advent Calendar is one thing…it is 100% cute. PC030017.jpgThere are so many adorable designs on the front of this box, I’m not quite sure where to start. The pugs in Santa hats, the somehow festive pinks, the tiny jammy dodger window dressings? In terms of branding, yes I’ll admit, it might be a little young for me, but goddamnit I love a doggy advent calendar. PC030036.jpgThe box itself is honestly made of a such a surprisingly sturdy material that I usually struggle open the doors with my sleepy pre-coffee fingers – an impressive enough feat considering the unquestionable strength of a girl waiting for a beauty product to arrive.PC030041.jpg Although, I must admit, the products themselves haven’t really wow-ed me this month. Clearly designed for younger children, the lip balms, eye shadows and miniature nail varnishes are all sealed in without any packaging, and so look a little medicinal without the adorable Flutter branding. The pigment is weak on the eyeshadows in particular, and overall product quality is at an all time low…a shame considering how cute the packaging is outside. PC030008.jpgBut luckily for us, this is one time of year where what’s on the outside matters just as much as what’s on the inside (cough *oncoming gift wrapping guide in mind* cough) so I will happily put up with tacky gifts, for a box that looks this good. PC030049.jpgBut my materialistic purchases aside – thank you very much for reading, I hope you’re enjoying this years Blogmas, and I shall see you tomorrow with another post!


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