December Date Night | Blogmas Day 7

‘Here to stay is a new bird. He sings a love song, as we go along…’

We have a cushion in our living room that reads ‘You. Me. Under the mistletoe. Now’. It’s a beautiful feather cushion with grey fabric and cursive white writing, and looks adorable sandwiched between our winter tonal sofa shades.

We do not have any mistletoe anywhere in our house. It has been banned for the entirety of the festive season. And if that doesn’t tell you enough about our simultaneously ironic yet aesthetically inclined senses of humour, I don’t know what will. date99.jpgChristmas is one of those periods you either love or you hate when in a relationship. Some couples despise it for the break from normality – they miss the everyday romance, the small touches over weekday dinners and summer sunsets spent outdoors. Some couples adore the festive season, they curl up in front of their tinsel-decked telly with matching mugs and ugly jumpers, swapping already sucked on candy canes with giddy grins and sticky entwined fingers.datenight8I like to think that we’re somewhere in the middle. As a busy working couple in the city, our evenings and weekends are usually the only time we get to see each other, and even they tend to be compromised by blogging, social commitments and life pressures. So for us, our spontaneous little date nights are so important for us to spend some time out of the house and in the world together, just enjoying being with each other.

So I thought that, as part of my Blogmas series this year, I’d share my favourite date ideas for spending more time with the person you love!

  1. Arcades.

    Arcades are one of our favourite destinations for a December date night. They’re perfect for those post-dinner, ‘too late to catch our movie’ occasions, where are you want to do is mess around and forget about the stresses of the day. No longer just for children, there are so many games you can play in a late night arcade that’ll get your heart racing and re-ignite the child inside the pair of you! Our local Cineworld luckily has an arcade tucked away inside it’s very walls so we love to pop in when we get the chance, but it is definitely worth the effort to go.

  2. Ice Bars

    This might not be one of the date nights we can go on every night (as trust me, it’s seriously chilly inside one of these!) but it is something we go to try out for the first time this Christmas! With our big puffy jackets on, drinks tokens in hand and Rudolf-red noses, we clambered inside to experience possibly one of the coolest, and well coldest drinks venues I’ve ever been inside in my life. The walls were thick with ice, the ceiling was lit with fairy light stars and there were ice sculptures peeking out of every corner. It really was a magical little room, made even better by the presence of a solid ice bar, filled with as many glossy bottles as you can imagine. We were both recommended a Vodka called Puschkin which was served up in icicle shot glasses, and flavoured to taste exactly like a sweet, warming Ferrero Roche…which went down rather nicely…all three rounds of it anyway. And whilst this might not have been the most romantic of destinations (unfortunately the room was rather small, and you end up being joined by several other couples, groups and families), this is definitely an opportunity to wrap yourself around your partner in a desperate attempt to stay warm – or in my case, leech as much heat from them as possible. 15183931_1119011918212335_1874949846_o.jpg

  3. Christmas Markets

    I know a lot of people tend to avoid the city Christmas Markets these days, as the crowds can definitely get a little intense at times – but if you can handle the chaos, they can really be a lovely place for a cheeky little date night. Our local market, the Nottingham Winter Wonderland, has come equipped this year with a giant ice skating rink, fairground games, Victorian food and drink stalls, the aforementioned Ice Bar, a regular festive bar, and a big beautiful carousel right at the heart of it. So take a walk around the stalls, have a giggle at some of the most unbalanced of ice skaters, dip your noses into a monstrous whipped cream hot chocolate and test your luck at the Hook-a-Reindeer! We must have been at least 5 times this week, and have enjoyed ourselves each and every time! DSCF2365.jpg

  4. A Winter Picnic…Indoors

    This is for those couples out there with a spare Sunday to snuggle indoors to. Shift all the furniture to the edge of the room, grab your cosiest blankets, pop on your most-loved Christmas film and indulge yourselves in some of the tastiest festive food you can handle. Touches such as fairy lights, fluffy cushions, scented candles and cosy knitted hot water bottles will of course add to the Christmassy atmosphere.DSCF2177.jpg

  5. A Secret Cinema Trip

    For every village, town, city or space, there’ll be a vintage cinema out there loading up it’s festive film reels, just waiting for you to head on it. This time of year, many old fashioned cinemas will run replays of classic films like It’s A Wonderful Life and Elf to get their patrons in the festive spirit, and it is well worth a visit – if just for the old fashioned nostalgia of Christmases long ago. PB250208.jpg

Christmas can be one of the busiest periods of time if you let it. But it’s always important to make sure the people you love feel appreciated through more than just neatly wrapped gifts and presents under the tree. Give them a little time this festive season too – they might appreciate it more than you think.

Thank you so much for reading, have a fantastic evening!



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