Broken Ballerina | Ciate | Blogmas Day 4

‘Tiptoe touching wood, across the polished floor, in shoes of soft pink satin, the ballerina dances around the eve of Christmas night. She pauses a moment, silent and still, then bends to pick up the ribbon that trails from her feet. There’s a rustle and a creak and a scratching whisper, and the ballerina falls.’

In the run up to Christmas, beauty companies across the kingdom are releasing festive product after festive product, with lipsticks red as rubies and palettes that shine like crystal. The lotions and potions of the skincare shelves are decked in holly leaf print, and every hand cream, shampoo bottle and lip balm is wrought with a candy cane stripe.


All but one. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that Ciate is a brand I’ve adored for several years now, and when I found out what their new Christmas line was set to release, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Following everyones favourite traditional fairytale theme, their new quad of nail varnishes are painted in the shades of a Broken Ballerina – pale skin pink, glossy silver, cold hard steel, and, my personal favourite, blood dark red.


Not only are these polishes tiny enough to pop into any handbag, make up bag or storage box, they’re beautifully easy to apply and, having been a fan of their classical English range previously, I was not disappointed by what turned up on my doorstep this Christmas.


Long lasting and hard wearing, I had to try out the steely grey shade first. It dried perfectly smooth, but with a lovely glossy sheen that still shines almost a week after application. I would definitely recommend applying a few layers to really make the most of the colour, but if you’ve only got the time for a base – don’t worry, it still looks ethereally beautiful either way.


Their Broken Ballerina branding is something I really took to heart when receiving these, as the shades do truly tell a story – as each bottle has a different name to boast. The milky pink becomes Fool for Tulle, as the dizzy ballerina loses her lifeblood. The metallic silver is the alluring Pliés Please Me, sharp as a sword but cold and glistening. The ruby Red is simply Raising the Barre, deep and bloody, and the final grey is Prima Ballerina. The ultimate, solid, unlovable grey – but the best and most perfect of them all.


The Broken Ballerina has fallen from grace, from her bough on the tree, it’s branches laden heavy with goods. She tumbled and spiralled and twisted through the pine, falling and falling until finally her fragile body hit the floor. Shattered into a thousand pieces, her curved ankles still pointed out, her delicate fingers reaching up far beyond her head. The Ballerina is broken. But hush, finger to lips!



Whose hand was it that pulled her ribbon? Who nudged her from her perch?

An evil queen, desperate for that stolen kiss?

A love torn soldier, his heart in two?

A wicked little fairy, bitter with spite?

Or maybe, just maybe, the evil might have been you.

Happy Christmas.

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