Why I chose to do Blogmas | Blogmas Day 1

‘On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…’

Over the past year and a half, as I am repeatedly reminded, my time at university is slipping away from me at a speed I can’t comprehend. My teenage years are over, my life as a student will end, and I’ll be left with nothing to say for it beyond a half-earned degree and a job I’m still not sure I know how to do.DSCF2537.jpgI know for most people that’s more than enough. That that’s a lot by any standard and I should be grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been granted. But I’m afraid I want more than that.

I don’t want to be a student blogger, or a university blogger, or a part time blogger – I want this blog to consume my life and to reap the rewards of everything I’ve poured into it from the very beginning. And I know, oh boy do I know, how difficult it is to get there – to not only be of note in the blogging community, but to be of value to it, and to make a difference to the lives and minds of its readers.dscf2525Right now, though, I’m only halfway there. I’ve stuck it out this long, and I’m constantly learning and growing through my blog – it seems to be teaching me more about myself than anything else – but I want to keep it going. I want to push myself as far as I can take this little scrawl of code, and spread it across the blogosphere until I can finally say ‘yep. That’s my blog. I’m happy with it there’.dscf2527So I’m taking up Blogmas. In terms of regular blogging, this might seem like small fry – nothing more than increasing your post schedule a little – but for me, it’s massive. I can spend days and weeks agonising over a single blog post, wondering ‘are those photos good enough?’ ‘does that sound right?’ ‘should I change the title?’ ‘will people actually care about this?’, and with all the other commitments in my life, I usually have to force myself to take a step back from blogging to get stuck into all of them. But not this year.dscf2536This December I will be uploading one blog post a day. Some will be beauty, some will be baking, some fashion, some festive, some humour and some honest. This is a challenge I want to set myself, and to stick to it until the season’s end. 25 blog posts in one month, and all work to be proud of.dscf2561I chose to do Blogmas to be a part of the community that works hard. That works daily to get their posts out and to make them good and important and valuable, so they never let their readers down. Right now, on the 1st of November, planning out my Blogmas posts one by one, it seems an impossible task and incredibly daunting for an irregular blogger like me. But if I can hold down two part time jobs, one university career, a relationship, a social life, a fitness routine and a tv schedule…I think I can handle this.

Wish me luck, and look out for tomorrows post!


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