Cargo Cosmetics’ City Break | Beauty Blogging

In these days, piled high with autumn leaves and pumpkin patches, sometimes it’s nice to step away from the autumn. Especially for bloggers, who spend their days thumbing through thesauruses, desperately trying to find a new word for ‘autumn’ that they haven’t already drooled across every form of social media possible, autumn can be a little overwhelming.

So to take a step back away from the the season and gently settle us back into the clean cut world of beautiful blogging, I thought I’d take a little dip into Cargo Cosmetics and pick up a couple of products to drag me back down to un-fallen earth.PB010076.jpgIf there’s one sure-fire way to identify Cargo products in a store, it’s their packaging. It’s beautiful. Crisp whites, silver cityscapes and some incredibly blogger-friendly typography stylise the boxes, boosting their branding to anyone passing by and drawing you into to their clean, modern and entirely Instagram-able aesthetic.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow, I’m a big fan of any bronzer I don’t have to apply neatly, as my pre-coffee hands are shaky at the best of times, so the Cargo Colour Baton in Champagne…life saver. Slotted into a sleek silver tube, the shimmer Champagne paste streaks beautifully onto your skin, before blending into a soft, glowing powder that lifts your cheeks into highlighted bars of gold. It’s a truly luxurious product that adapts to any skin tone, and is so easy to apply that it goes with any make up look. It’s my night, day, evening and morning product, and it works with every autumnal outfit I try on.c7.jpgFor anyone who’s ever wanted to be kissed by Midas, try the Champagne Baton first. It might just change your mind.DSCF0012n.jpgAnd for those glitzy Christmas parties we know you’re already planning for – allow me to recommend the Toas Cargo Lipgloss. Available in a range of beautiful nude glosses, this Cargo lip shades are so gorgeous to apply, and though the shine might fade (at a sparkle per cocktail rate, I might add) the colour sits perfectly on your lips all through the night.c10.jpg No matter who you plan on smooching, make sure you’ve got one of these tucked in your handbag for top-ups as not only does it look stunning, it tastes pretty sweet too. And, although the berry red is typically the Christmas look, if you’re rocking a bold glittery eye, or simply want to tone your look down a little for a Boxing Day walk, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your style. PB010035 (1).jpgFinally, to add in my daily essential and much complimented favourite – the Cargo TexasLash Mascara. If you want voluminous lashes, dark and sin and fluttery as heck, I urge to check this out. I can honestly say I’ve never tried a mascara like it – and trust me, I’ve been through a fair few. PB010065.jpgThe chunky packaging, whilst perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing, is the only product I’ve yet to lose in my ever expanding make up bag…somehow it always seems to rise to the top, right when I need it. The tunnelled brush exit is just snug enough to wipe off the excess product from your brush, eliminating any chance of clumping, and the brush itself is wide and fluffy enough to coat every lash. PB010017.jpgMost likely, you’ll never have heard of Cargo, and that’s ok. Because now that you have, and now that I’ve been educated on their beautiful products…I think I’ll be topping up my make up bag with them again and again and again. PB010062.jpg

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you’re having a good week!



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