Last Minute Halloween Make Up | Beauty

If you haven’t already guessed it by the pumpkin flecked window displays and ghoulishly decked adverts flickering into action, this week it’s all about Halloween.


For someone as seasonally depraved as me, any holiday like Halloween is one to be taken seriously, and I’m a huge advocate for going all out on this spookiest of nights. However, between blogging, university, part time work and sleep, this year I found myself with very few hours to commit to my costume and with a party coming up, I ended up resorting to the High Street for some spooky inspiration.

So, with a Poundland mask and some painfully sacrificed Too Faced Eyeliner, I put together my Halloween night look – creepy and distorting, yet still with a girly edge that seems incredibly me. And for anyone else out there looking for that last minute look, I thought I’d scribble a little guide on how to do it yourself!

(I actually found a couple of styles that work well with this make up look, but I’ll explain both further on in the post!)

  1. Much like your everyday make up, start with your favourite primer, and a base coat of your palest foundation. To really commit, I picked up a tube of this Creamy White Face-Paint for that truly haunted look. And completely ignoring the rough and skin-damaging plastic sponge provided in the pack, simply buff into your skin using a large foundation brush and set with a light or invisible powder.DSCF8209.jpgdscf8221DSCF8225.jpg
  2. Then using a thick kohl eyeliner pencil, fill in your waterline, inner and outer lash lines until your eyes are completely defined.
  3. Using the same pencil, outline a section under your eyes, before filling in with black eyeshadow, paint or liquid liner.DSCF8230.jpgDSCF8231.jpgDSCF8233.jpg
  4. Take this black paint all over your lid, reaching right up towards your eyebrows.
  5. Using a fluffy brush, gently drag the paint from under your eyes, smudging it out towards your cheeks – softening the edges and creating shadows across your face.DSCF8239.jpg
  6. Using a dark brown, black or grey shade, fill in your lips with an eye brush – this doesn’t have to be neat or perfect, as long as you make sure that you apply a little more powder to the inner of your lips to create a natural pout.DSCF8240.jpg
  7. Using a liquid or gel eyeliner, outline your lips with black, before bringing thin lines out the sides of your cheeks in an upwards smile.DSCF8248.jpgDSCF8249.jpg
  8.  On each side, draw three vertical lines to create a stitching effect.DSCF8252.jpg
  9. And as a final touch, add a light spot of white, silver or gold eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes for a little bit of brightness and sparkle to the depths of your lids.

Now this is where your look can go one way or the other.


Personally, I went for the Masquerade Girl style – with a Day of The Dead mask having been already purchased and adored, however, if you’re happy to leave your make up there, simply tie your hair up into pigtails for that Harley Quinn-esque smirk that works just as well.

Harley Quinn


Day of the Dead

DSCF8257.jpgDSCF8260.jpgDSCF8274edit.jpgDSCF8267 (1).jpgDSCF8272.jpg

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this look has given you a little inspiration for your own last minute Halloween outfits! Have a great Halloween!

*Sends you all tiny pumpkin emojis for trick or treating luck* 🎃

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