The Year Of Cozy | Book Review

‘It’s the 260 page blog post you can pop into your handbag…’

There’s no better time than autumn to curl up with a book, and lose yourself. Whether the weather is keeping you in or the early nights are keeping you up, taking a break from the internet and burying your nose in the pages of a good book is one of my favourite things to do on a cosy autumn day.


But unfortunately, we’re the children of the millennium. The internet befalls us in waves and spills we can never manage to shake off, and we love it with a passion scarcely met by any physical human relationship. And, although we’d love to, and many of us do try to, losing yourself in an immobile, un-scrollable stack of paper is easier said than done. We can’t share our favourite quotes, we can’t listen to our favourite Spotify playlist, and we can’t Instagram our favourite ‘book reading beverages’ without logging onto the internet.

So what do we do? We want to read, but we miss blogging. We want to blog, but the lure of the literary aesthetic siren calls from our laptops.

DSCF7749 (edit).jpg

Allow me to recommend…’The Year Of Cozy’ by Adrianna Adarme. This is a book without a story, but with one of the prettiest, softest and most beautifully structured plots I’ve ever come across. It’s the 260 page blog post you can pop into your handbag and whip out again on the bus without burning your data into the ground and siphoning your battery into those scary under-10 percentages. dscf7727The book is split into four seasons, each with personalised guides, crafts, recipes, photo galleries and anecdotes specifically designed to keep you busy during Autumn, Winter, Summer and Spring. These guides range from ‘How To Start A Good Habit’ to ‘Goat Cheese Gnocchi’ to ‘Homemade ‘So Hangry’ Kitchen Banners’, and they’re perfect for anyone looking for the inspiration to add a touch of the adorable and the aesthetic into their lives, and to start their own adventures. dscf7669-editAnd as we are deep in the depths of October,  I thought I’d list a few honourable mentions from the Autumn chapter of the book – these are the few that really resonated with me, and the pages I’ve been babbling about to anyone who’ll listen. dscf7663-edit‘How To Make New Friends (As An Adult)’ – I turned 20 this year, and so far, despite starting a new job and beginning a new relationship, I feel like I’ve lost friends, rather than gained them. And with each year, it’s only going to get harder to find lifelong friends – adults tend not start friendships based on mutual play-dough love and Teletubby jokes these days. The inclusion of this page, not only made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my struggle to make friends, but also that it was entirely possible to bond with people in my adult years, and maintain these bonds throughout my life. dscf7794-edit‘Pumpkin Arrangement With Persimmons and Cotton’ – This is such a beautiful page, and such a lovely idea that it had to be included in my review. I actually attempted a similar arrangement with a leftover pumpkin from my last Halloween, but unfortunately it collapsed before my eyes and broke my gourd-loving heart, so a guide like this might just be able to help me fix my mistakes! A certifiably Pinterest-approved idea, with the most adorable photographs, and an unmistakable autumnal decor theme…of course this page had to go into my honourable mentions. dscf7834-edit‘Go On A Fall Picnic’ – As the first page in the chapter, this truly is the way to win over any bloggers heart when buying a book. The fall style, with its beautiful soft tones and coffee-coloured culture, is something we all aspire to capture in our posts, and a fall picnic is such a simple yet fun idea it’s sure to lead to a stunning blog post. A rolled rug full of autumnal snacks, a selection of thick woolly blankets and the fluffiest bobble hats you can find are all listed as ways to enjoy the outdoors into autumn, even without the summer sun. dscf7786Adrianna writes ever word beautifully, and her style and tone are something that really connect to her blog, echoing her passion for baking, adventure and crafting, but sharing it with the world in a way we can Instagram our hearts off to. I feel incredibly gifted to have been able to read this book, and I can’t wait to see what the next few seasons have in store for us readers! dscf7614-editTo order your own copy of ‘The Year Of Cozy’ , or to check out some of Adrianna’s other books, have a little nosy over on her Amazon page (linked above), or take a look at her blog – ACozyKitchen –  for more posts!

I hope you are all having the cosiest autumn Sunday, and enjoy the rest of the week!




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