Autumn LookBook | Conkers and Cowboy Boots

I see autumn as dark. Gone are the crisp whites and pastel yellows of spring, and the startling greens of summer. Autumn is dark logs under flames and steaming dark hot chocolates in curved mugs as cosy as cream.

And so what we wear becomes dark too. Darker lips and darker shades and dark jackets with tartan scarves to bundle up into on windy walks. And aside from the standard autumnal fare of pumpkin oranges, berry reds and mustard yellows, the hues of blue, grey and indigo also seem to settle across us in rainbow tones of dark.dscf2050-1Currently, I’m obsessed with this multi-fabric pilot jacket from Primark. Its leather sleeves, suede body piece and rabbit soft cream fur fold beautifully around as I step into autumn, and I’m in love with its streamlined shape. It’s the perfect jacket for transitioning between the humidity of summer and the rapid chill sweeping into England right now – not too hot, not too cold. The Goldilocks porridge of every autumnal walk!

This jacket isn’t something I would usually fall for, I’m much more of a peacoat-girl usually, but something about it just caught my eye and I fell in love. It’s a much tougher and slim-cut piece that perfectly flatters my waist and lifts all my dowdy jumper-jeans  combos into fashionable high street pairings.dscf2200dscf2070These soft suede cowboy coots, another Primark favourite, are another adorable addition to my autumnal clothing haul, and they are honestly some of the comfiest shoes I’ve ever owned.

Giving up on any pair of boots is a painful enough experience, but when your favourite Chelsea boots sudden fall to pieces in the street, it’s time to say goodbye…which is how I ended up with these beauties! Super soft and comfy, not necessarily water-repellant as shown in the slightly damp photo above, but still incredibly autumnal, and perfect for crisp woodland walks in the day!dscf2042dscf2154Whilst my jeans are nothing special, another beautiful addition to my outfit here is the tassled Accessorize tartan scarf just peeking out from beneath my coat lining.

As a big fan of the tartan trends, and current girlfriend of a proud Scotsman, I’d wandered into the high street one day, hunting for that perfect accompaniment to my jacket – one that could wrap around my neck properly, but without suffocating me in its thick, padded volume. And so, upon draping my fingers upon this lightweight My Chemical Romance-reminiscent scarf design (cut to a triangle to drape from your neck and stop your inner emo turmoil from escaping), I knew it would fit.

It sits so prettily across my chest without ever overheating or over-bundling me up, and it never pushes my hair up into weird shelves that stick out somewhere level to my ears. It hangs down into the clean folds of my coat, yet simultaneously hides snugly amongst the dark colours of the jacket fabrics. So whilst it might not last me the entirety of the rapidly approaching winter months, for now, it’s keeping me in pretty good company. Hot Choc.jpgdscf2264one-handFrom the top of my head to the tips of my fingernails, I’ve been determined to avoid the stereotypical colour trends of the autumn palettes in this look, and so a forest green nail varnish seemed to work wonders in contrast with my multi-tonal selection.

(These nails look especially great wrapped around a creamy mug of hot chocolate…just saying)

I actually blogged about this nail varnish last year in my ‘New Year Nails’ haul, and to this day I still adore it. It was the first Ciatè product I ever purchased, and ‘Tweed and Tails’ will always be my favourite shade to paint. dscf2170dscf2234dscf2255To keep me cosy underneath my leather and layers, I picked out a super-soft grey H&M jumper with beautiful rustic hems that lap over my shoulders and wrists, with just long enough sleeves to tuck my hands into when the weather gets a little chilly.

And of course, no blogger is ever seen without her camera bag slung across her shoulder, so just to complete the set – My Olympus Pen E-PL7 came with me for the ride. (Of course, it ran out of battery about 5 minutes into the shoot, but still accessorised my outfit rather nicely)dscf2017dscf2169DSCF2223.jpgThese beautiful shots were all taken at Wollaton Park, Nottingham, and it is one of my favourite places to trek across in autumn, with a woodland walk to work you up and an adorable cafe at the top to warm you up, it’s the perfect Sunday afternoon stroll.

Jacket: Primark – £25

Scarf: Accessorize – £10

Boots: Primark – £20

Jumper: H&M – £14

Nail Varnish: Ciatè ‘Tweed and Tails’

All photos were taken on my stunning new camera, the FujiFilm X10, and I absolutely adore it and recommend it to all!DSCF2120.jpgI hope you enjoyed this autumnal LookBook, and look forward to seeing my Halloween haul coming up soon!


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