The Autumn Range | Lush Bath Haul

I type in autumn. In autumn, typing, and writing, and working seems to be all I do. I’m at my most creative, my most motivated, my happiest and my most energised. I’ll take any excuse to walk through the leaf littered high streets to the coffee shop with the cosiest chairs, just to set up my laptop and start creating.

I’ll wander happily through rain dripped woods with a carefully shielded camera under one arm, and an idealistic umbrella under the other, and coat my SD card in red, brown and orange flecks, spikes and crunches.


And so, by the end of the week, I’m exhausted. Pulling off boots, hats, scarves, jumpers, gloves and all items of my cosiest autumnal uniform, all I want is to relax.

Which is where my lovely little Lush haul comes fizzing, splashing and steaming its way into view.

Devils Nightcap | Bath Soap | £5.95


A devilish companion to the Fireside flame, this is a sweet little mossy square, rough to touch and smooth to use, it’s the logs beneath the fire and the moss that hugs the bark. It’s such a lovely addition to the autumnal theme as it takes the sweetness from the bubbles and turns it into an earthy cleansing routine, dragging your skin back to its natural roots and hardening you for the cold mornings ahead.

Sparkly Pumpkin | Bubble Bar | £3.95 each


For those nights when you fancy dipping into a pool a little bit more luxurious than your standard bath water,  this sparkly little pumpkin is perfect. Crumble a little into running water to release the beautiful sherbet-dipped scent, swirling sparkles of glitter and gold into your bubbles and across your body to emerge, looking and smelling every bit like the pampered pumpkin you truly are.


(Don’t worry, even I cringed whilst writing that sentence)

Autumn Leaf | Bath Bombs | £3.75 each


For a true fizzing sherbet experience, the Autumn Leaf bath bomb is perfect. Splashed in pastel shades, it’s the ultimate refreshing and rejuvenating bath time buddy, and sits on your skin beautifully once dissolved.

However, I do have to admit that I actually didn’t love this one as much as the others. Although it was probably the most fun to have in the bath with me, it didn’t quite hit the spot scent-wise as I’m used to more sweet and spicy scents around autumn. As a summer sorbet, it would’ve been perfect, but I’m afraid I’ll pick a marshmallow ghost or cinnamon soap over this one any day.

Fireside | Soap Block | £4.25


This block of fire is probably one of the cosiest and sinfully spiced soaps to come out of Lush’s autumn range – it’s gorgeous. A silky soft flame captured in a cube, it flickers and melts into your skin and leaves you feel all warm and fiery as you step out of the water. It’s  the best addition to any hot morning shower or steaming bath you sink into, surrounded by heat and the ultimate cleansing power of fire.

This is definitely one of my favourite of the few, as I love how it looks sat on the edge of my tub – a hot little box all ready for bath time. It also goes perfectly with the little Boo bath melt, as the perfect place to roast a marshmallow? Fireside.

PA060117 (1).jpg

Boo | Bath Melt | £3.50 each

Ok. I’ll admit. I picked up this guy because he was cute. This little swirl of white chocolate bath cream is probably one of the only products I’ll ever feel bad about dissolving, but if he smells anything as good in water as he does on dry land, it’ll make for a magical bathtime.


I’ve always been drawn to the sweeter, more vanilla scents, and this little marshmallow blob is one of the best – as well as being the perfect accompaniment for a spooky Halloween dip.


So far this year I’m bringing autumn into my home with a flourish, from my bedroom to my bath, and I definitely don’t intend to stop there.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks blog post!




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