Beauty Top Up | Autumn Palettes


Autumn is coming…

It’s here. The most wonderful time of the year has descended upon us, without a reindeer or Bublé-bauble to be found. No snowflakes or snowmen or snowballs in sight, at a loss of the jingles that swell in each shop.

Don’t get me wrong…I adore Christmas. It’s my favourite holiday, in the loveliest month with the happiest memories and the most exciting end result *yes I mean presents. Sue me, I’m materialistic*.

But before the swarm of the merry overwhelms us, in its pine scented paper and furiously fluttering streams of tinsel, we’re greeted by autumn.

Autumn is the season where everything is gorgeous. Not tacky, nor vibrant, just peaceful and cosy. It’s a season of nutmeg and orange and long walks bundled up in scarves that are too warm to wear. Halloween and Bonfire Night and Back To School and Pumpkin Spice Lattes and everything we crave in the desolate weeks of heat pre-disposing it.


Yet as this season breaks over us, in its waves of curling leaves and crackling fires, a particular top up is required, to match this autumnal exterior. And I had scooped up all the cable-knit jumpers and Chelsea boots that Primark had to offer, I thought I’d give my make up a little bit of an autumnal make-over too – just to polish off my October look.


Essentially I wanted to put a little bit of a Fall twist on the staples I adored in the summer months, keeping my routine the same but adding a touch of the cosy and rosy to my everyday look.

Contour | Maybelline Bricks Bronzer Blondes

I’ve always been a big fan of the affordable yet lovely palettes offered by Maybelline at this time of year – before the Christmas Reds and Berry Lips burst onto the scene – and so picked up their NY Bronzer and Highlighter Duo in this gorgeous bronze casing, in the shade … Now, as a bronzer, this pigment really does work for the autumn months. It’s a beautifully warming, caramel-dusted powder that lifts easily onto the brush, but sits lightly on the cheeks. The heavily bronzed and sun kissed look is one that only the bravest among us can pull off at this time of year, so as a product for a light glow and contour effect, it’s perfect.




Bodyshop Liquid Lipstick  | Rimmel Colour Sensational

As a lips update, I thought I’d pick out out a couple of shades in that lovely transitioning period between the darker berry and the summery nudes, with a touch of shimmer in one and a matte slick in the other.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom Bodyshop, I picked up one of their new range of matte liquid lipsticks in 030 Crete Coronation. Matte is a texture that works perfectly with a utumn as it’s so soft and gentle on your lips, and makes for that filtered, almost blurry beauty look that fits the Fall fashions perfectly. And this shade compliments the texture absolutely beautifully – a little more pink that I had originally bargained for, but with the darker, autumnal pigments that make it so suitable for these colourful months. P9293424.jpgAnd if the matte shades become a little too dry, I found that a shimmer shade, such as the Rimmel 475 Colour Sensation, works beautifully as a top layer to add a little bit of sparkle to the blocky colour. But as a stand alone lippy, it’s a lovely nude shade to tone down a bolder eye shade. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Body Shop Eye Shadow | Melt My Heart & Coconuts About You

For eyes, I wanted to swap in my Kiko fave for a couple of rustic, shimmer shades that fall perfectly onto the autumn spectrum.

Autumnal Beauty

Melt My Heart is my personal favourite of the two – a long lasting, highly pigmented dust that blends really beautifully into your eyes, and highlights all of the mustard rusty jumpers bloggers across the world are pulling off right now.


And with Coconuts About You buffing into the crease, it creates a lovely contrast of a shimmer conker dark and amber leaf light, worked in by the wonderful Bodyshop Dual Ended Elm Wood Brush, N31W, also a new favourite of mine!


Nails | Essence Dream On Gel Polish

For nails, I’m switching between my old favourite Rimmel White Polish and this much creamier taupe tinted Gel Polish from Essence. My nails are something I always try to top up throughout the week, and although this gel polish doesn’t last as long or have as much chip-resistance as the White Polish, but the colour is so much warmer and softer that it really compliments every make up look I try out.



L’Oreal Paris SuperLiner Slim Brown

And finally, for those gorgeous flicks, I wanted a liner in a shade less striking than my typical Ultra Black gels. And so in picking up this softer brown tinted felt liner, I get to create a look that is still dramatic and lasts all day, but once smudged just blends upwards into the beautiful Bodyshop eye shadows and adds to a much gentler look.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this autumnal make up refresh, and it’s inspired you to top up your own make up bags for the coming colourful season!

Thanks for reading!



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