#TBT Mary Berrys Baked Berry Cheesecake

I never wanted to be one of those bloggers that became lazy with their posts. Who returned and re-returned to old posts and archived posts because they ran out of ideas and inspiration. And whilst I have, by no means, run out of ideas for this blog, I have definitely run out of time and days in the week to regularly upload a new one. So I thought, for this week, I’d upload a Throwback Thursday Post from this time last year when I was attempting to complete a Bake Along Bake Off in time with GGBO. And as the show itself is making its grand return next Wednesday, it felt seasonally appropriate to bring this one back as my favourite bake of them all.

For this week I attempted to bake a simplified version of the Triple Baked Cheesecake Stack from the Showstopper Challenge; baking instead a single vanilla cheesecake with a twist!
Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.25.19
Following the theme created by Tamal and Ian’s cheesecakes, I chose to add a combination of fruit and herb flavours to my bake, using two overlapping recipes – one from Mary Berry herself, (here), and one from the french baking site L’atelier des Chefs (here) – by adding a colourful top layer of crushed raspberries and finely chopped mint leaves to my cheesecake.
The base of the cheesecake was probably the easiest part of this bake, however, as I tend to find with a few of Mary’s recipes, the amount of ingredients specified is never quite enough to create a good sized bake, and I usually end up doubling up the ingredients just to fill my cake tin. But eventually I was able to create a solid layer of biscuit base, and though my filling did take me rather a long time to whip up (the lack of an electric whisk or food mixer did cause a few problems when trying to turn gloopy egg whites into beautifully frothy peaks) my cream cheese mix was ready.
To add in my raspberry and mint layer, I simply measured out about 1/5 of the mixture and poured in a blend of finely chopped mint leaves and crushed raspberries until it was pink, and spread it onto, before popping it in the oven to bake.
Unlike a vanilla cheesecake, which would have formed a golden brown skin in the oven whilst baking, a coloured mix simply goes a little darker and spongier when cooking, which I didn’t realise for quite some time whilst baking. However, the safety net for any cheesecake bake is that even if the bake doesn’t quite set them solid, a good chill in the fridge will always hold them together, creating that creme brulee-ish ‘wobble’ so beautifully performed by Sandy in this week’s episode.
Finally, to decorate, I simply blended together the leftover raspberries and mint leaves, added a sprinkle of caster sugar to sweeten it slightly, and ran the glaze across the chilled cheesecake in a checkerboard formation with a skewer. Then I simply bundled together all the berries in my fridge, added a couple of whole mint leaves, and chilled again!
I am honestly so happy with the way this turned out, and the raspberry and mint flavours compliment each other so perfectly, it’s a beautiful summer dessert! Perfect to use up all those leftover berries before they go out of season in the Autumn months! Bake Rating: 10/10!
Thank you so much for reading! Will, of course, be back as soon as I can be with a fresh new beauty post, but for now have a lovely week!

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