‘A little shimmer of hope in these dark days’ – Dermacol Facial Illuminator

As I write this blog post, I sit, yet again, in another airport, with another Starbucks by my side, and another story to tell from my adventures in Prague.

The Czech Republic is a host of tourist heaven- it’s beautiful and magical and funny and a place you’d never get tired of exploring. But for me, with my blogging instincts always at the ready and my eyes alight with the excitement of trying out new products, one of my favourite purchases from Prague, was this. The Dermal Facial Illuminator.P6290086.jpgWhilst this is a product that is relatively easy to get hold of throughout Europe, and actually fairly inexpensive for the improvement it promotes, English beauty counters have failed to stock it, and so, having read beauty blogger Anne Clutz’s review of a Dermacol Cover Up, I had to pick one up!

P6290009.jpgBeing at an age where having a face full of highlighters no longer means being covered in stubborn neon scribbles, it’s embarrassing just how excited I can get over products like this – an affordable illuminator that doesn’t just light up your face but transforms it into something healthy, glowing and dewey too.P6290077 (1).jpgInitially, I’ll admit, the gleaming terracotta shade did worry me slightly, as I’m used to my highlighters spilling out of the bottle in various shades of silver and cream, and with skin as fair as mine, orange is most definitely not the new black. Luckily however, one quick tester and my fears disappeared – the solution naturally adapts to the tone of your skin but instantly brightens your complexion and leaves a much lighter surface in its wake.P6290037.jpgFor summer days or winter nights, it’s perfect as a touch up, a cover up or a wake up product- though for everyday use, I’d go easy on the shimmer. Strangely enough, it also smells beautiful as well, and has that nostalgic summer scent that no one can quite disassemble. Is it sun cream? Coconut? Vanilla? If I ever find out I’ll let you know.

P6290072.jpgI also would recommend wearing onto of a primer, but underneath a foundation, as it can be a little bit more watery than the standard bases, so tends to smear rather than sit gracefully on top. But the shimmery substance most definitely does shine through, and it makes for a truly lovely addition to some of my most glamorous make up routines!

Thank you ever so kindly for reading, and I hope you’re having a great week!


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