Optimum PhytoBrighter Illuminating Black Moisturiser

It wasn’t exactly difficult to say what drew me to this particular moisturiser. And funnily enough, no, it wasn’t the anti-aging, 25+ sticker glaring at me from the box, reminding me that yes, I am only 20, but no, that does not mean I don’t spot the odd frown line and wrinkle in the mirror sometimes.  And so, to acknowledge that famed elephant in the room as soon as possible, (so he doesn’t feel left out of course), this moisturiser is black.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot black market, not black boxed, not even black listed. This is an unmistakable noir facial treatment with Phytobrightening chemicals, and a triple acting illuminating formula, designed to light up your face like a firework, and then soften it into silly putty. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And…it’s ok. Obviously, the overall appeal of this product does come from the exciting colour of the moisturiser, in the same way us easily impressed humans find black ice cream, black clouds, and black sheep exciting. But the product also boasts some rather inventive natural ingredients, from the inclusion of sprout extract and Swiss Garden Cress elements, to black mulberry juice and blackcurrant leaf extracts – presumably constructing that rather unusual shade of face cream. It also promises to do a whole legion of wonderful things to your skin; even out discolouration, fill out wrinkles, smooth over fine lines, hydrate, illuminate, moisturise…Whist not completely branding itself as an ‘all-in-one’ treatment, it does a pretty good job of implying it on the label.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPersonally, however, I honestly was not that impressed. I love the concept, and I do believe it is a genuinely imaginative idea to inject a little originality to the everyday face cream, but unfortunately I did struggle to find the benefits. Designed to be applied to every morning and night to the face, neck and décolletage,  I spent three days testing it out, and embedding it into my skincare routine, and honestly, the only difference I spotted was in the colour of my skin. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHaving read several other bloggers’ reviews of the same product, I have to complete agree with their comments on the distinctly unpleasant shade of grey it pollutes your pores with, making it look a little like all of your blackheads have emerged all at once – as well as the noticeably murky sheen that settle across the applied areas of skin, giving you that rather unhealthy chimney sweep glisten after use. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s an incredibly heavy duty moisturiser, and takes an excruciatingly long time to absorb into the skin, and actually begin working on it. This is, as ironically labelled, definitely one for ‘evening application’ rather than ‘just before bedtime application’, if you’re hoping to avoid getting sticky, black smudges all over your pillowcase. The proposed ‘illumination’ is actually more a greasy layer over your skin, which yes, does shine when hit with direct light, but perhaps not in the healthy, flawless way we all desire. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter, what seems like an agonisingly long absorption process, yes, I have admit, the moisturising properties do kick in, and all but waterboard your skin into a much more hydrated state – for which my summer make up looks are definitely grateful for. It also has a rather original scent, but not one that is perhaps to everyone’s taste. It comes across as a  little chemical, and in all honesty, reminds me of that awful grape bubblegum you used to find at the centre of those 10p sour lollipops at the post office. And pared with the strange, smooth and almost too glossy texture, it gives it a whole new extraterrestrial feel…not really something you’d want smeared across your skin.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Overall, this is a moisturiser designed for a very specific type of person. One with dry as bone skin, no traces of facial oiliness, closed up pores, incredibly clean hands, a couple of hours of evening to spare, and an eye for black bedsheets. For the ordinary ones amongst us however, with our complex combination skin, busy lives, white sheets and lazy fingers, I’d perhaps recommend sticking to the traditional white moisturisers in future.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, and are surviving the heat wave hitting us all in the most stylish ways possible!


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