GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer + Matrixyl 3000

There are several reasons why the human personification of ‘Summer’ would never be on my Christmas card list. If she were a girl, she’d be uber-preppy, dragging you outside by your jumper sleeves and forcing you into the blistering sunshine – spritzing ready-made sweat into your open pores as she tells you just how super duper fun this summer’s going to be! If you hadn’t already guessed, summer just isn’t for me. Give me a chilly winter and a cosy autumn any day.

And our summer hasn’t even arrived yet but somehow I’m already feeling the effects; the sticky sleepless nights, the dreaded shirt-ruining sweat patches and worst of all, the dry flaky skin. A poor combination of hay fever, de-hydration and poorly chosen skincare products, my cheeks, nose, lips and eyes have been truly wrung out to dry these past few months, making my foundation almost impossible to apply.

An accurate representation of my skin: wrinkly, rough, and covered in snails.

So I went searching for some help. I delved deep into the skincare section of every major beauty counter, I bought as many moisturisers as my rough little hands could carry, and I forced myself to tuck a water bottle into my handbag each morning. Despite this, however, as the wonderful skincare assistant at Khiels dutifully informed me, my hydration levels were still well below par. Instead of the desired 40-45% hydration level expected of a normal, healthy face, mine barely scraped a 37%…if my tired old skin could revive itself enough to express shame, I’d be beetroot red about right now.

And so, until the as of yet to be reviewed Khiels Hydro-Serum begins to take effect, I needed to invest in a primer. Something to help me mask that zombie-esque completion of mine, even if just for a couple of hours or so. Something with power enough to create a second skin, perhaps?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe GOSH Velvet Touch Primer is one that so many bloggers have raved about, it’s been almost impossible to ignore. Whether discussing the Clear Serum or the Apricot Base, both products have always amassed amazing reviews and so many lovely recommendations that in my time of need, I was too weak to resist. And whilst, at first, I did struggle to see the appeal, over time I’ve come to entangle it, ever so lovingly, into every make up look I try out.P5290141.jpg

Drop.jpgThere are actual a couple of primers from the GOSH collection which I could recommend, with the popular clear Cream variation being one for those of you blessed with naturally clear and smooth skin, as just a helpful little boost to help your foundation stay put for longer. For skin a little bit rougher, however, I was instead directed to the Apricot Velvet Touch, prudently designed for those lines, creases and dry patches we all loathe to spot within our skin. Containing the peptide combo Matrixyl 3000, the primer is actually a silicone based solution, effectively working as a gel-filler for the uneven surface of your face. In other words, it’s a surgery-free face-lift in a bottle.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know many bloggers have been put off in the past by silicone based primers, in contrast to other water or cream based solutions. And, yes, I can see why. The manufactured plastic scent, the chemical sheen and the overtly ‘gloopy’ texture can all be a little off-putting at first, however,  the benefits of the GOSH primer, for me, outweigh all of these concerns…even if it did take me a fair few uses to admit it. This is a primer that can be used with all and any make up, any texture, any brand, any product. The apricot shade immediately disappears into the skin, leaving no trace of colour beneath your foundation. The base it creates is beautifully even and dewy, making it the perfect consistency for the rapidly approaching coming summer months, and honestly, it is the most reliable primer I’ve used to date!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd for someone as fidgety and absent minded as myself, having a primer that actually holds your foundation to your skin throughout the day is genuinely a godsend. It withholds so many of my accidental attempts to disrupt it, and whether I’m pushing my glasses up my nose or scratching a nail across my cheek as I think, it refuses to budge. Even as a stand alone skincare product, it has its advantages. Although a slightly more temporary solution than the more high-brow anti-aging serums, this is still a specialised ‘anti-wrinkle’ primer – a product compiled of collagen boosting compounds, designed to improve the elasticity, uneven tones and porous patches of your skin. And for a simple make up primer…that’s not bad. FingersOverall, this is a wonderfully luxurious product to apply, it’s fast to absorb, and leaves a noticeably polished finish to your foundation. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a slightly more concentrated skincare solution, to boost not only their make up, but the surface underneath it as well.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you’re enjoying checking out my new blog site, and are having a fantastic week!


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