Skincare | Sanctuary Spa: Covent Garden Range

It’s no secret that I adore the cold. It’s also no secret that my skin loathes it. Currently my forehead is littered with dry patches, my lips look like sunburnt battlegrounds, and I’m still carrying around the scars of my festive Shingles infection across my cheeks. Everything feels too dry and rough, and I’ve even had to switch up my favourite make up wipes to avoid that painful stinging sensation you get after removing not only all of your foundation at the end of the day, but about 7 layers of your skin as well.
So currently, I am in desperate need of skin repair, skin brightening, skin everything, to make me look that little bit more human, and that little bit more healthy, in my everyday routines. Recently, however, I was given the opportunity to go on a little shopping spree courtesy of the East Midlands Designer Outlet, (more on that here), and so what did I do? Head straight for the beauty counters of course!
Though, yes, I was incredibly tempted by the on-sale Elizabeth Arden range, I actually ended up choosing a brand which I have tried, tested and loved in the past – the gorgeous Spa Sanctuary Covent Garden skincare line! The two products I picked up do actually compliment each other so beautifully, I could hardly bear to separate them, so both have made their way into my everyday skincare routine, and were so desperate to be blogged about I had to write a post including both of them!
The first product I use is actually the very first thing I pick up in the mornings (after my phone, of course…)  and is the wonderful 75ml Illuminating Moisture Lotion SPF15. I know it sounds, essentially, like a fancy bottle of suncream, but trust me, until you’ve tried it, you’ll never know just amazing it is for your skin. I’m always a little wary of illuminators that state you can ‘wear alone, or under make up’, as I’ve never personally found one that is strong enough to compare to a good foundation or powder base…but this one comes pretty close.
It’s a complex solution that moisturises, protects, illuminates, brightens, highlights, soothes and re-builds damage to your skin, and is perfect to a fault. There are so many advantages to using a moisturiser as a primer, but having one that not only sets your make up, but improves the look of the skin underneath it? What’s not to love?! It’s blended with the highest numbers of vitamins, hydrating minerals, and skin boosting goodies like cocoa butter, pink pomelos and kakadu plums, so it’s genuinely a beautifully all-rounder when it comes to skincare, and the price isn’t too frightening either!
It has such a gorgeously creamy and smooth texture, and is genuinely enjoyable to put on in the mornings! My only tip: unless you’re a much braver soul than I and are willing it wear it as coverage alone, wearing it under make up requires only the smallest amount to coat your face. Too heavy a coat can cause foundation to sit on your face, rather than blend into it, and can therefore be easily smudged, rubbed or scratched off should you apply the smallest pressure to your skin. As someone who has walked around with many a jumper line, glasses mark, and nail mark etched into her foundation, you should definitely trust me on this one.
The next product is one I factor into my nightly routine, and use a little more sparingly than the Illuminator, as it comes in a much smaller, yet stronger solution. The Night Concentrate cream is actually one designed to prevent age lines, and yes, I know, I’m 20. I’m not exactly going to be collecting my crows feet in the next few months or so, but even the youngest of faces can still show the wear and strain of life at the end of the day, so there’s no harm in refreshing your skin whilst you sleep!
It’s a lovely product to use before bed as it absorbs so quickly, you avoid leaving those horribly stick marks on your pillowcase, and you don’t have sit around, bleary eyed and exhausted, just waiting for your moisturiser to sink in before you can finally get your head down. This is a product that boasts youthful, healthy skin, it’s a lovely concentrate of green tea anti-oxidants and pomegranate oil, so will do nothing but boost your skin’s natural glow, and enhance the features time is determined to wash away.
Personally, I only use this after cleansing, as it’s such a gentle product it can counteract even the most potent exfoliants, and will only pop the smallest amount around my eyes, mouth, and between my eyebrows (unfortunately I’ve been cursed with an unconscious frown whenever I stare at screens, and can definitely feel the difference that is having on my skin right now). These are the first places wrinkles are like to show, and the weakest points of your skin, so should be treated with particular care when moisturising or apply anti-ageing treatment.
Skincare and bodily health is an area I’ve recently become completely obsessed with, and I can’t wait to review so many more products I’ve picked up in my beauty hauls recently! Thank you for reading, and I hope you have an illuminating week!
(Get it? Illuminating? No?)

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