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Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved make up. From the plastic palletes of neon blue eyeshadow collected with weekly Girl Talk magazines, to the sparkly pink lipsticks found in goody bags at parties, my make up collection has been ever expanding since childhood; and although most of the products I use now a days might come with a slight heftier price tag, that excitement at using them, at turning myself into a grown up for the day, is always there, no matter what I use.

But, as every beauty blogger knows is potentially the most important part of wearing make up – in taking if off properly at the end of the day. If left on, the chemical properties inside products like mascara, eyeliner and foundation can be incredibly damaging to your skin – can cause spots, pores, discolouration, and particularly around the eyes, can increase the risk of infections such as impetigo and blepharitis. Your eyelashes can fall out, tiny flecks of dried eyeliner can scratch your corneas…make up, though beautiful, can be a devil in it’s own right. And yes, like so many other make up wearers out there, I’m absolutely terrible at taking it off myself.

This month, however, with my healthy January and February mindset considered, I decided to make a secondary New Years Resolution to myself – to always keep my skin clear by the end of the night. Whether I’m tired, tipsy or just totally comfortable in bed, the make up has to go before the lights switch off. And so far, it’s been pretty successful. But to make the whole process of ‘taking off your make up’ even better, I decided to go one step further that your typical scrub round with a facial wipe.
The Jeu Couleurs Cleansing Oil is a product specifically designed to remove any of the remaining traces of product or dirt left on your skin after taking off your make up. It works it way into pores, it draws out the dirt and then washes it all way afterwards. And it is amazing.
Though the packaging might not be as prettiest on the shelf, the price of is incredible for the stunning effect this oil has on your skin. I actually bought it from an independent company through Light In The Box, which you can check out here, for around £7.00, and I can’t stop using it. Made by a Japanese company with a French twist in branding, this product is so lovely to apply to your skin and even lovelier to take off again, to just feel the softness of your face afterwards.

Once applied- it does recommend using your hands, but I found that using a cotton pad is a lot less messy, and prevents any of the natural oil from your fingers from adding further grease to your skin, it simply requires you to use either a face cloth or a sponge to wash away all the oil with warm water and pat dry your face with a towel. But another reason why I’m so in love with this product is it truly shows you just how ineffective an everyday make up wipe is at removing your make up properly. If you use a coloured flannel to remove the oil, you can see just how much product is actually left on your face, no matter how clear it may look in the mirror. The oil takes away layer after layer of dirt and foundation from your skin, and leaves it feeling so beautifully fresh and matte after drying that you can genuinely feel the difference.

I’m never a fan of the cliched terms bloggers use to describe their products, but this one has to be used – it gives your skin room to breathe. You can feel the air settling on your face in a way that make up always stops, and it’s so beneficial to the nightly renewal process your skin goes through whilst you sleep that you can wake up each day with a truly blank canvas to work your magic on.

I would always consider using a moisturiser to follow up with, however, to prevent your skin from becoming too dry from the rough fabrics of towels and face cloths, but if you’re looking for the ultimate cleansing and pamper product…Jeu Couleurs Cleansing Oil has my full recommendation.
Thank you so much for reading, I hope your skin is feeling as lovely as possible right now, and that you enjoyed reading one of my favourite posts to write!

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