The L’Occitane Precious Night Cream

There’s something magical about midnight. Dark shadows, glossy white highlights. Blacks, blues, crisp clear golds and silvers. Streetlights and starlight and moonlight and torchlight. And sleep. My midnights are craving sleep, and yet they’re usually spent inches away from a glowing laptop screen, or a tram stop schedule, just waiting to get home to my bed.
I miss the magic of midnights, and its been a long time since I’ve seen that time hit without guilt or exhaustion.
And so, if I’m ever given the chance to actually enjoy a midnight, when I can actually sit in bed, and think ‘Ok. Let’s have a pamper night tonight. Make it all about me’, there’s only one product I’m ever going to reach for.
The L’Occitane Precious Night Cream is beautiful. I’ve never experienced a solution like it, it is luxury in a prettily packaged white gloss. Not only is the tub designed to replicate the night sky, in its midnight blue, shining silver and soft yellow design, the cream inside is so wonderful to your skin, it’s an sleepy spa treatment in silk.
A cross between a balm and a moisturiser, the product is the ultimate night time regenerative lotion, with soothing minerals and smoothing agents to promote firm and glowing skin, and it works its magic whilst you sleep.
This is a product you will crave to use every night, as it’s richness and gentle herbal scent are simply addictive, and it’s a hard product to ignore on your bedside table. I’d fallen in love with it before even unscrewing the cap, but upon application, the ‘precious’ cream just becomes a part of your skin, improving it and absorbing from the first touch.
This is also product you will wear before a day without make up. It evens your skin tone out beautifully, creates a noticeable softness and gentle texture throughout your face, and just builds up that naturally dewey base for the day to shine upon.
If you’ve read one of my skincare posts before, you’ll know how nerdy I can get over the science behind the beauty, and one of my favourite things about the L’Occitane website is their in-depth investigations into all ingredients in their products. And for the Precious Cream, they chose to use the Β ever-so lovely Immortelle plant – a flower designed for natural healing, literally named after a variation of the sun, with so many beneficial anti-inflammatory and organically healthy properties, it’s a medicinal cream as well as a cosmetic product.
There’s a particular trend in the skincare circles at the moment for botanically based creams and plant induced products, with the organic lines of our favourite brands really coming into their own. There are so many naturally occurring chemicals and nutrients in plants and flowers, and they have such a positive impact on our skin, chemical solutions can never quite compete. And I, for one, am so so excited to see what else comes out of this organically sourced woodwork!
Thank you so much for reading, and I wish you the loveliest start to the Easter Holidays possible!

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