Skinny Easter Cookies | Gluten & Sugar Free Baking

This must seem like the most contradictory blog post in the world. I spent the entirety of my last post gushing about the indulgences of Easter, how chocolate is essential, how sugar is a necessity, how you need sweetness to celebrate the season. And, yes, Easter is the time of year for hot cross buns 3 times a day and chocolate for breakfast and creme egg everything for most people.

But for me, having spent the past three months of the year trying to cut down on my unhealthy snacking, and my easy-heart-attack-worthy meals, when I decided to try my hand at a little Easter baking, I thought I’d choose a recipe a little more healthy than your standard cookie!There’s a trend amongst food bloggers at moment for ‘Skinny Cookies’ or ‘Skinny Baking’, and I am absolutely obsessed with it. Biscuits and cakes that still taste yummy, but aren’t going to reappear in your thighs two days later? How could I resist? And after scrolling through recipe after recipe of coconut flour cake pops, agave nectar cupcakes and cacao powder brownies, the healthy baker in me just couldn’t help herself from trying out a little Skinny Easter recipe of her own!

As explored in my previously dorky Easter-obsessed post, I’ve fallen hard for the Spring season this year, and in terms of baking, this is one of my favourite themes to incorporate into decorating my bakes! It’s my chance to break out the pastels, the sunny yellows and sugar pinks and soft mint greens, and swirl them into something seasonally adorable!These particular cookies were perhaps a little bit more fiddly than your typical butter biscuits, but honestly, I am so so happy with the end result! Not only do they look particularly tempting as a quick Easter treat, but they’re also relatively guilt-free to graze on, and for someone as perpetually hungry as I, that’s definitely a bonus! This recipe was actually inspired by the adorable looking Vegan Valentines Day Cookie Pops spotted on Wallflower Kitchen, so I hope I’ve done her proud with my own attempt!

You Will Need:

– 350g Plain Spelt Flour

– 10tbsp Agave Nectar

– 65g Dairy Free/Soy Butter

– 2 tsp Vanilla Extract

– 1 shot/15g Chia Seeds

– Unrefined Icing Sugar

– Food Colourings and Decorations

1. Sift together the spelt flour and the chia seeds, before combining gradually with the butter, vanilla extract and agave nectar.

2. Blend together the ingredients until it forms a relatively soft and malleable dough, wrap in cling film, and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

*Spelt flour is a lot drier than regular grain flour so if you find your dough is too stiff, or crumbles easily, then gradually add small amounts of butter to it until it begins to stick together, and forms a soft, whole dough ball.

3. After 30 minutes, using a sprinkling of left over spelt flour, roll out your dough until it is no thicker than a £1 coin, and begin to cut out your biscuit shapes.

4. Bake for around 15 minutes, Gas Mark 5, until the biscuits are stiff enough to be lifted without bending. As there is no sugar in the dough, they won’t darken or brown unless burned, and will harden whilst cooling, so try to avoid leaving them in the oven for too long.

5. Whilst your cookies are cooling, mix up your icing, before diving it into smaller bowls to be coloured separately. To stick to a true Easter theme, use different piping bags or coloured icing to create an Easter Egg pattern on your biscuits, trailing wavy lines or chevron designs across the surface, and alternating between the different pastel shades.

For a truly Easter-style touch, use a little woven basket or rustic wooden surface to display your biscuits on, surrounded by only the cutest of Easter decorations you can find! It adds a little rustic Easter Bunny twist to your cookies, and makes them all the more tempting for passing Easter guests to nibble on!There are so many healthy alternatives in this recipe, from the natural sugars in the agave nectar, to the low cal wheat substitutes in the spelt flour, and the fiber-supplements in the chia seeds! There are so many nutritional benefits in healthy baking, and it only takes a quick google search to find out which standard baking ingredients can be swapped for some skinnier substitutes! 
If you’re looking for something quick, simple, and low-cal to bake this Easter, then I would definitely recommend giving it a try!

Thank you so much for reading, and Happy Easter Baking!


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