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Quite by accident, and taking me completely by surprise, Khiel’s Skincare has now become one of my favourite shops in Nottingham. After my first visit, upon which I was greeted by one of the loveliest and most intelligent shop assistants to grace the world of retail, I rapidly became hooked, and though, yes, the prices do, on occasion, still inflict that sudden spike of fear as I hand over my debit card, I can honestly say, in this case, it is definitely worth it. Because when you visit Khiel’s, you will never walk away simply holding the product you purchased. If you’re anything like me, once you get chatting to the shop assistant, you’ll end up walking out feeling like a perfectly polished smuggler, pockets full to the brim of packets and potions and treatments you suddenly love but never knew you needed. Khiels.jpgThe wonderful shop assistant even gave me a brief dermatology lesson, pointing out the weakest areas of my skin and the flaws I’d never even noticed, before teaching me exactly how to fix them – using remedies both from, and not from the store itself. Much like Richard Attenborough’s Kris Kringle, she seemed to understand the best staff members are those who will get the customer want they want, ‘even if it means sending them somewhere else to get it’.

And out of the many samples gifted, and lovely products bought, here are just a couple of my favourites reviewed today!
Khiel’s Avocado Creamy Eye Treatment
This is actually the only product I popped in for, if I’m honest. I’d been trawling the streets, looking for something help work with the awful dark circles under my eyes. Given how many hours a day I spend staring a screen, the shadows don’t exactly surprise me anymore, but they do frustrate me. I can get a solid 10 hours sleep, and still look like the world’s worst insomniac. And I’d tried erasers, I’d tried concealers, so all I wanted was one single substance to help brighten them for good…Enter stage left, pursued by brilliance: Khiel’s.
I love this product. And I mean, I really, truly love it. It’s adorably pocket-sized, it’s perfectly packaged, and it feels almost medicinal, which I completely adore. Our skin is just as important to our health as what lies underneath it, and there should be no shame in wanting to keep it at it’s best. Dermatologists are doctors for a reason.
The product itself is constructed of an avocado base and shea butter, and a whole collection of other hydrating water-based compounds – all of which designed to add that splash of moisture into your poor tired skin and give it that little bit of protection against the weary effects of the day. Avocados are so, so beneficial for your skin, and have a ton of healthy vitamins and moisturising properties, meaning any skincare product containing it will have an in-built brightening effect, as well as being incredibly gentle and soothing to apply to rough or sensitive patches.
The shea butter, of course, gives it that beautifully creamy texture that does not disappoint, but the product actually changes in texture once warmed, into an almost watery consistency. This gives it the added benefit of lasting longer in the pot, as you only need to use the smallest amount to get the best coverage.
Best applied using warm fingertips, you simply brush it over your orbital bone before bed, and it works overnight to fade out your dark shadows, and naturally improve the quality of your skin.
Khiel’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser
Despite being a rather simple moisturiser, this sample did still impress me in terms of its quality and effect on my skin. A product that does actually absorb at the speed it boasts on the packet, and completely fragrance free, it’s an incredibly light textured moisturiser, and watery to the touch, making it very gentle on facial skin.
One of my favourite aspects of this product is actually one I hadn’t anticipated, and that’s the beautifully dewey glow it leaves on your skin once applied. It creates a layer of polished, well hydrated protection that almost shines in the light, and there’s a noticeable difference between the affected areas and the bare.
It’s not a sticky product, nor a runny one, it’s simply refreshing, shiny, and again, full of lots of natural goodies, ready to boost your skin for the day. With ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil – a naturally smoothing agent, Apricot Kernel Oil – a surprisingly cleansing ingredient, designed to prevent the infiltration of bacteria in your skin, and again, the wonderful Avocado Oil, it’s packed with nutrients and benefit…and a helpful top up if you miss one of your five a day!
Khiel’s Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector SPF 30
Did you mean the product I am currently wearing, using and loving right now? A combination of concealer and eye treatment, it’s a handy little tone corrector, that may not have long lasting effects, but certainly has that emergency cover-up appeal after a particularly early start, or a rather messy night.
Much like many tinted moisturisers, there’s no option to choose a particular shade, but due the colour correcting elements here, I’ve actually found that it works well, even on my pale, unbronzed skin, and blends in beautifully with other products as well. I would definitely recommend using it as a day cream, as an accompaniment to the Avocado Eye Treatment, and with a primer or moisturiser underneath, as it can be slightly dry and mattifying on the more sensitive areas of your face.

Plus, the inclusion of the liquorice root in the product makes it all the more beneficial for skin such as mine, as it’s an natural lightening and correcting ingredient for skincare. Normally used to treat colour changing skin problems such as hyperpigmentation or psoriasis, a reduced down variation simply brightens the shadows and covers up the discolouration. And given that it’s paired with Vitamin C, a naturally health inducing nutrient, it’s essentially giving your skin the reverse effect of a fake tan. Think Ross from Friends with his hopeless rotation on the number 8…but the opposite.
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a lovely week!                                                                                   X

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    1. Thanks again 😉 Khiels is most definitely my go-to skincare heaven, their products always seem to work really well, and so quickly as well! I’m currently using the last remaining simple of the ultra moisturiser now! Need to pick some more up soon! xx

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