Scent Review | Jimmy Choo: Blossom

There’s a simple way to summarise this scent. February. January’s soppier, less productive older sister, who sprinkles icing sugar on gooey blueberry pancakes, giggles her way into award shows and brushes rose petals into her hair each night before bed. It’s a month of romance, sweetness and the promise of ever so slightly less chilly nights spent on the sofa, hunting for the one final box of chocolates left over from Christmas, hidden from all of those those January dieting days. 
I’m not normally one for romance. I tend to express fondness and affection through sarcasm and overly-familiar teasing, so when it comes to love, I’m a little bit of cynic. I believe it exists solely through feelings and physical reactions, rather than bunches of flowers and heart shaped sweeties, so writing a post specifically designed for the nostalgia of Valentines Day took a little bit of creative persuasion on my behalf.
But in the season of all things rose-tinted and soft focussed, there’s a particular scent hanging heavy in the air right now. For those in love, for those independent, for those in that ‘it’s complicated’ stage,  how can you resist the sweetest of perfumes to tiptoe out of the Jimmy Choo range this year?

I’ve always preferred the sweeter, fruitier scents when it comes to perfumes. I’m not exactly a ‘spicy and seductive’ person, and ‘musk’ just smells like ‘must’ to me, so I’m rather hard to choose for when it comes to my everyday perfume. When I’m dressing up, or heading out for the night, I’ll always fall back on my old favourite (and embarrassingly well loved) One Direction ‘Our Moment’, for something a little bit special, but for that quick spritz before I head out of the door on a daily basis…Blossom is my sole scent companion.
Not only is the bottle absolutely adorable in it’s bite-sized cube of pink, it’s perfectly handbag friendly, so can be packed away for travel and weekend stays without dripping all over the lining of your suitcase! It’s also surprisingly light, so if you want a perfume to simply live in your handbag for those emergency spritz-required moments, I would definitely recommend it!
And to me, it smell absolutely beautiful. In all honestly, I would argue that ‘Blossom’ isn’t quite the right branding, as you associate it with strong floral, and natural accents…the almost musky rose scents and powerful lily smells you get whilst walking through a well tended English Garden. But this perfume? This is nothing but pure, juicy sweetness. It smells a little like berries, a little like sweet pea, a little like fruit juice, and a little like a bag of strawberry bon bons.

It’s one of those scents that sits on the skin for hours on end, and can be smelt from a mile away, (or in my case a Tesco till, at which customers will compliment me on smelling ‘absolutely delicious’ to my generally awkward response). My mum has always told me that you should never be able to smell a perfume on yourself if it suits you…and for me, this rings true. But on so many days, I accidentally hit my sleeve rather my wrist, so that gorgeous smell tends to drift around me as I re-do my make up, or scratch my nose throughout the day, for which I am incredibly grateful.
It’s the perfect Valentines perfume. Pink and sparkly, romantic and sweetly passionate, powerful and lingering…Ideal for any date night, Galentines dinner, independent shopping trip, or a wonderfully fragrant night in in front of the telly, crying your eyes out to First Dates alone (*cough*me*cough*).
No matter what you did, I hope this scent brings back only the fondest of Valentines Day memories, and enjoy the week as it comes! Thanks for reading!

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