Ultra Professional Contour Palette | Make Up Revolution London

If you’ve been reading my blog from the beginning, you’ll know how besotted I am with copper. It’s my favourite metallic, my favourite shade, my favourite substance – I’m embroiled in a wicked love affair with the stuff. So a palette of bronzes, coppers and softly blended ambers is a sure fire way to win my heart, heavily contoured ventricles and all.
The Make Up Revolution Ultra Contour Palette, although not likely to win any awards with its rather cheesy superlative of a name, is honestly one of the most beautiful bronzer palettes I’ve ever come across. The packaging is gorgeously simple – copper writing on a glossy black box, widespread mirror in the lid, and even the box it came in has a soft, matte appeal that makes it impossible to throw away.

The six prominent spheres inside are a stunning combination of matte highlighters and bronzers with  shades ranging from the palest baby pink, an olive toned yellow, and a soft peach, to a red toned bronze, a milky coffee brown, and a muted copper base.

But the two most visually captivating spheres in the palette are, of course, the baked shimmer highlighter and bronzers, respectfully poised at the end of each row, with each cream circle containing astrological streaks of compressed glittering caramel powder. These two little circles of dust genuinely do create the most beautiful shades across your cheeks, sitting neatly on top of the matte bronzers beneath, giving you an almost ethereal glow in the right kind of light.
 For my own use, I’ve found the darker, heavier bronzer shades work best as an undercoat, using the smaller Revolution F105 Contour Brush to mark out the angles and dips of my face, before using a wider powder brush to blend across my cheek bones. For a more naturally bronzed look, I tend to use the softer coffee tone as an all over powder, emphasising the spots where the sun is most likely to hit, before lightly dusting the according highlighter around the curve of my eyes, the angles of my nose and the bow of my lips.
If I am honestly, however, the one flaw I managed to find with this product would be the pigment strength. Though the shades are beautiful, the powder is incredibly light, and doesn’t always lift away from the palette easily. It took me quite a few dustings before finding the right balance between heavily bronzed and healthy, and a few attempts of experimentation when it came to applying the highlighters. Whilst the baked highlighter has a particularly strong pigment, the matte ones seem to pale in comparison, and require a little more work to make a notable difference.
Overall, this a palette enabled me to collect a contour compliment from a friend, indulge further into my copper obsession, uncover my cheekbones from somewhere beneath my chubby cheeks, and breath a little more life into my vampiric complexion. At a friendly enough price, this is definitely one worth picking up for a contour beginner or bargain beauty buyer – baked, beautiful and bronzed enough to beat the summer sunshine to it.
There are also other variations on this palette within the depths of the Make Up Revolution site, with shades for both fair and dark skin if this one doesn’t quite match up, so I’ll link them here for anyone who wants to check them out!
Thank you so much for reading, I hope you’re all enjoying the summer sunshine as much as I am! Have a great week!

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