Chanel CC Complete Correction Cream

To every one average human year, there are 10 for every blogger. As days pass, trends change, products are released, and there are always new obsessions to write about. We can go through an entire season of new foundation releases in a week and can change our minds on that once favoured eyeliner with every new post we read. Each post loving one product or another becomes a time capsule for that day last week when we liked baked blushers over cream, to help us find that one precious moment where we tried contouring for the first time and thought that posting badly edited photos of bright orange cheeks and noses would get us views.
But for now, though this post may get lost in a sea of luxury reviews and Alphabetically Duplicated Cream shade, to me, it’s the time capsule of my first week trying out the Chanel CC Cream Foundation!

After originally only popping into the city Chanel counter for a quick giggle over over-priced beauty products with their lovely make up artist Mollie, the magic of make up inevitably won me over and I ended up walking away with a considerably emptier bank account, and an unsurprisingly heavier shopping bag. But after a recent encounter with some poorly labelled, skin destroying make up wipes, my skin needed all the help it could get! And so rather than picking up a simple base foundation, one designed for a face that doesn’t have the texture of sandpaper right now, I went for the gorgeously healing and beautifully moisturising CC Cream option instead.

The CC Cream is fundamentally another ‘all-in-one’ product that can be used as a primer, concealer, foundation and care cream, with colour correcting pigments in even the palest of shades. And for a product that is scientifically not a foundation, it has ended up being one of the most long-lasting, blendable, and illuminating bases I’ve ever had the pleasure to use.

Different to a typical BB Cream, which would be a lot thicker and have higher SPF qualities, the CC Cream is designed to smooth over the skin, in an adaptable medium coverage that not only highlights the skin, but conceals discolouration as well.

This is a product that has been absolutely raved about by bloggers and beauticians across the sphere, and it truly does live up to its name. It smells beautiful, with an almost sweet, summer-y scent that makes it amazing to apply, it’s weather resistant to an almost superficial extent, (seriously, even a hail storm didn’t defeat this coverage) and I’ve just found that it compliments my skin perfectly.

Being as sun-fearing as I am, I was recommended the no.10 shade as not only is the lightest base to contour upon, it works really well with the rest of my make up without completely washing me out – breaking the pattern of my eternal foundation struggle. Having held onto my old favourite, Rimmel Wake Me Up, for so long, I was initially a little worried it wouldn’t quite compare – I’ve never found much joy with the thicker, creamier consistencies, but the CC Cream just works effortlessly into your skin with the texture of a moisturiser, making the transition a hell of a lot easier.

After application, it leaves a really lovely, even tone on the skin, that promotes a naturally healthy glow, and genuinely brightens up the shadows of your face. The thinner consistency means you only need to use a small amount to cover up, meaning it lasts so much longer in bottle, making the rather hefty price all them more bearable. However, the only flaw I would argue is the slightly less than pretty packaging. For a blogger with an emphasis on perfectionist product photography, this lil tube, although handy and simplistic, doesn’t quite match up to the elegant glass bottles of some of the more high street variations.

It does, however, make up for itself in terms of branding, with the CC Cream connecting adorably to the intricate CC design of the Chanel logo itself, making it hardly surprising that this product is one of their most popular for advertising.

All in all, for a foundation that isn’t a foundation, the Chanel Complete Correction Cream does everything it says on the tin. To be used with, or without a primer, on dry skin or combination, for rain or shine…it’s a beautiful everyday product to tie into your morning routine to really brighten up your day!

Thank you so much for reading (and sticking with me during my slightly longer than acceptable hiatus) and I hope you have a wonderful week!


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