Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector & Creamy Concealer

Every face is a work in progress. We’re never done, our skin is not and will never be perfect. Yes, we can reach a state of seemingly idyllic hydration, with the brightest of eyes and the bushiest of metaphorical tails. Our cheeks can glow with health, and our noses can finally be blackhead free.  But unfortunately for us, and rather fortunately for skincare companies, the unpreventable whirlwind of life will always claim victorious over even the most flawless of faces . It can drag us down, darken our eyes and draw out those constellations of spots no stargazer will ever take a telescope to.
And thus we invented concealer.
The Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector, though perhaps not the newest and shiniest in the collection, is a product that has made its way around the blogging circuit over the years, yet is still praised as a staple in so many make up routines today that I just had to try it out for myself. Having, admittedly, a pair of the darkest shadows ever to grace a Khiels counter, and after trying and failing to make any number of Kiko, Rimmel and Maybelline Correctors work, I thought it was finally time to take it to the professionals. And, spoiler alert…It was definitely worth the £££.
As a corrector, the way it works is to counteract the darkness around your eyes and even out the discolouration of your skin without completely covering it or caking it in colour. It isn’t designed to conceal imperfections, but rather blur them out of sight. And yet, and I’m sure many others will agree with me, this little product is so powerful it almost acts as a concealer in itself – a beautifully creamy pigment, a soft, applicable texture, a light, illuminating sheen, it acts as two products in one. If you’re looking for an instant brightness, or a quick fix for a poor nights sleep, just a simple sweep under the eyes and you’re good to go! For those on a slightly smaller budget who would rather try before investing in the whole Bobbi Brown Concealer range, I would definitely recommend purchasing this product alone and testing it out, as you can easily get away with wearing the corrector alone. I would say that, unlike a liquid concealer wand, this product needs a much softer brush to blend into the skin as, at first, it can take a little while to warm up into a buffable and creamy consistency.
If you do plump for the solo corrector, I would also suggest pairing it with a much lighter and mattifying powder than you would use on the rest of your face. For me personally, I’ve always found the Maybelline Matte Maker in Classic Ivory works as a handy little substitute for the pricier Bobbi Brown alternatives. It’s as light as the corrector, and just helps to set into the skin without too many lines or creasing.
However, if you’re a spender after my own heart, and just can’t resist splashing out on the rest of the collection as well..congratulations, you’ve done well there, my friend. The Creamy Concealer and Powder comes in a sleek, glossy little pill packaging with a mirror in the lid (perfect for product photography, I might add), making for the most luxurious stand alone kit in my make up bag. As the corrector will have done most of the brightening itself on your eyes, the concealer will typically be a shade only slightly darker than that, designed to match your skin…or the shade of your foundation at least. The concealer photographed came in a Sand shade, which looks deceptively yellow toned in the pictures, but actually buffs out into a rather refreshing peach, adding a genuinely healthy, natural softness to your eyes, and blending smoothly into the edges of your foundation.
This is a concealer you don’t need to use under or over your foundation, it’s pigmented enough and creamy enough to stand alone on your skin, gently obscuring your blemishes and dry patches from corner to tip. One piece of advice given to me by the make up artist who recommended it to me was to allow it to crease at first. Use the corrector as your base, apply the concealer on top and just let the creases form. Then, gently using your finger, smooth them out, and apply another thin layer of concealer again before setting with the matte powder provided. This just fills all the creases without allowing them to actually show up on your skin, creating that hydrated look only the most hardcore of water-drinkers seem to be able to achieve. Yes, Zoella, I’m looking at you.
For the powder, it’s so important to use the fluffiest and softest brush in your collection, and to be so so gentle in applying it your skin. The skin under your eyes is actually 7 times thinner than the rest of your face, so anything being violently splodged onto is never going to end well. Dip the side of your brush into the powder first before rolling it under your eyes – evening out the concealer underneath but setting it simultaneously. A couple most dustings for good luck, and hey presto! Those Disney Princess eyes are ready to flutter at the world!
An overall concealer it is not. It’s not designed to be used on spots or scars or pores and if you’re looking for something that can be whipped out and splashed on quickly in a public bathroom, I’d recommend looking elsewhere. But if you have the time to apply it, and eyes as shadowed as mine, you’re guaranteed to love it.
Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’re enjoying my Worth the £££ series, and if there are any more pricey products you’d like me to review, please let me know!
Have a lovely week!

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