A Country Casual Winter Throwback

In the passing winter, my outfit choices revolved around the practical, the cosy, and the ultra-ultra insulated to fight off the frost forming inside my bedroom windows. I’ve been living in my favourite jeans and my chunkiest jumpers, and the only pair of boots I own, alternating between the blue denim or the black, and the roll neck or the Fair Isle.      But recently I got the chance to take a break from the busy city roads, and head up to stay with my aunt and uncle in their gorgeous country estate, and, although there was definitely an ulterior motive for this visit, simply being in the country air, surrounded by nothing but fields and sky and stone, was so incredibly cleansing and breathtaking, I just had to capture it in a look book.      As the family estate is stretched out across the grassy spaces of rural Milton Keynes, I had had a rather early start catching the train from Nottingham, so I do apologise for my lack of make up or adequate hair style…this is definitely one of those ‘rolled out of bed, and threw on a casual jumper’ looks, that somehow fits perfectly with all these adorable country styles.

The jumper in question is one I picked up, strangely enough, in the men’s section of F&F. Reduced to £10, it was a mixture of love at first sight, and love at a cheap price, in this case. But it is a gorgeously comfortable, chunky knit navy, in one size slightly too big for me, and is so utterly cosy I didn’t want to take it off! The only issue I have found with it is that the fit is, obviously, designed for men, and is seemingly incompatible with curves and hips and waists that don’t just go straight down, so it does tend to ride up ever so slightly to compensate.
My jeans are a slightly more recent purchase; a steal from Calvin Klein at £21. Once I’d had time to adjust to the hopelessly complicated and unfamiliar sizing system of CK, I began to fall slowly in love with their jeans (even if it did require a lot of mental conversion from a size 10 to a 28″ waist). And so, when my favourite pair of leggings sadly passed away. I had to pick myself off, and find their replacement. Though these jeans aren’t actually as high waisted as my leggings, they still look amazing under jumpers, and help to induce that naturally slim legged look CK jeans always boast.
The wellies, unfortunately, were not a luxurious purchase of mine. No country farm is complete without a vast collection of well-loved wellingtons, and so when it came to taking this most beautiful walk around their estate, I just had to look the part. And yes, though they were about 3 sizes too big for me, there’s just something so childishly exciting about wearing wellies to traipse across a farm and jump about in the long grassy fields.
In hindsight, wearing a long, brightly coloured scarf to visit a stable of horses perhaps wasn’t my brightest idea of the day. But, as so many of friends will know, where I go, this scarf goes. My last outfit post was me practically drooling over the F&F tartan blanket shawl in November, and though I still love it to pieces, the Peacocks soft tartan scarf has taken another little place n my heart. It’s perfect for January, in it’s wintery greens and crisp, frosty purples, and I’ve pretty much worn it every day from Christmas. And I shall continue to wear it, no matter how many horses drool, slobber and nibble threads out of it.
I love these Country Casual looks, and you have no idea just how much I miss them during my days in Nottingham. And I am so so glad for my little adventure into the countryside, it gave me just enough time to relax, and to feel a little bit more human again before heading into the big ole city of London.
Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this outfit post!

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