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As a key part of my freelance services, I offer marketing consultancy for my clients.


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As a social media consultant, I provide an entirely objective review of a brands current social output, and recommend ways to improve on it. I supply valuable insights into innovative marketing practices and help to tailor content plans to fit to your business goals.

They save you time, and provide you with a crucial guide to delivering effective social marketing.


A social media consultant is a reliable, experienced and unbiased perspective, hired to make your business look amazing. They work independently, with no ulterior motive for your brand. Plus, they can provide a much-needed outside perspective on your branding and marketing that employees might be too shy to admit. Consultancy can also offer a unique take on your brand, from a professional angle, describing the message they currently take away from your social output. 

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” 

Tom Fishburne


I implement my branding services in the following stages: 

I always begin with an initial consultancy meeting, where I take my clients for coffee and we sit down to discuss the business. Here we visit the brand and what the client wants to achieve through my services. We work through the previous work carried out through social media and run through some ideas to help enhance the  current social channels. Then I carry out a full social media and web review. This provides extensive detail on the current status of the socials, and a list of improvements and suggestions.

If the suggested changes and improvements are accepted, I will then mock up a series of posts – using current branding to create the ideal posts for sharing. These will be sent across to the client for approval, and a Trello board will be set up to create an initial content plan using the recommended changes.

Finally to ensure that the changes are easily followed, I will set up and create a document of Brand and Social Guidelines. This will contain all of the necessary information needed to successfully continue with effective and efficient socials.

Want to find out more about my work? 

Take a look at my most recent case studies to see the real impact of my content marketing services:

Fox Talbots

marketing consultancy case study

Building up awareness of a new local coffee house, I was brought on board to help guide and manage their social media. 

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