As a key part of my freelance services, I offer brand identity services for my clients.


brand identity service

What does Branding & Brand Identity mean?

Working together with clients, I help to construct and develop their brand. I always begin by acknowledging the existing feel, aesthetic and message of the business. This then helps to inspire its vital transformation into something tangible and engaging, requiring the following process: 

What do my Branding services cover?

My services range from developing the early beginnings of a brand to refreshing the existing reputation of  a client. Through this I use a combination of business development and social marketing to promote and highlight the best of the brands I work with. 

‘A brand’s strength is built upon its determination to promote its own distinctive values and mission.’ 


I implement my branding services in the following stages: 

Understanding the brand. The initial stage of brand identity is discovery and understanding. I sit down with clients for a consultation to find out the history, goals, ethics and achievements of the business. This helps to identify the key messages to be used throughout their branding. 

Creating the brand: Using design, colour, typography and imagery, I then begin to develop the brand. Putting forward a collection of brand proposals and ideas for the client to approve, I can create an overarching brand identity. This can then be used throughout socials, promotional materials and web design. 

Pushing the brand: Taking the brand creation, I then write up a document of brand guidelines. These are crucial for taking the brand forward, creating a set of templates, fonts and design specifications for the client to take and use in future materials. I then create a series of promotional content, celebrating the new brand, i.e. social posts, press releases, assets and blog posts. 

Want to find out more about my work? 

Take a look at my most recent case studies to see the real impact of my content marketing services:

mistletoe & Twine

branding case study

Designing the branding for Mistletoe & Twine allowed me to explore the creative process of branding from start to finish.